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For Good or Bad, the Memories Remain

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Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 17" from (Moderator)FaithUnbreakable
Yummy, I really like the way this is going, more Sasha please...
Review By [(Moderator)FaithUnbreakable] • Date [8 Nov 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 17" from (Past Donor)Catlimere
Love the revelations! I wonder if Buffy and Methos have ever had a chance to chat. They seem to have a lot in common. Both with moral compasses that went more than a little off kilter for a while, both carrying their burdens, both reluctant heroes. Buffy never seemed to really want her Slayer mantle with her altered set of memories, maybe it was more that she didn't feel she deserved to be a champion for good? I like the way she set things up and love that she actually told Giles her story. Thanks for including the update on Tara, I hate when those details get lost.

I liked Sasha's reaction to Buffy. Lots of long and complicated history there. Their relationship has a lot of similarities to Buffy and Faith's relationship. Funny even with her memories altered how some patterns repeated. BTW, too bad Sasha's watcher couldn't die more than once. I liked Buffy's changed look and tastes with the return of her memories. You know once things calm down Giles is going to be dying for a chance to get Buffy's perspective on history.

Looking forward to more. :)
Comments from author:
but the Buffy / Faith thing is a bit flopped, maybe. Who is the goody two shoes and who is the bad one? the lines are a bit more blurred here (except in my head, corse I know what happens next!)

As always I crave feedback, especialy with none of my normal sounding boards avalible here, so I send the stuff out raw. You guys are getting first look, non betaed stuff. I hope I keep people interested.
Review By [(Past Donor)Catlimere] • Date [8 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 13" from (Recent Donor)TannimU
Arrgh! You killed Willow! Man this fic is shaping up to be great, but you KILLED Willow??! Keep up the great work!
Review By [(Recent Donor)TannimU] • Date [8 Nov 04] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 16" from Iceflame
I wished I had of known you was responding to my challenge :). I've got this one up on the Immortal Slayer as well (Morganna was kind enough to add a challenges page); You've created an interesting story here, I'll say that much :). While it's been going fairly fast to my mind, it's intriguing enough for that to be overlookable. Now that I know, I'll be a watching!

P.S. if you ever feel like more challenges, look at the Immortal Slayer, or email me (E-mail's in my Profile!)
Review By [Iceflame] • Date [7 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 15" from (Past Donor)Catlimere
Another great chapter! I love Sasha removing all references to Immortal Slayers and her fear of Buffy.After that I don't think Giles is going to be too surprised by any of Buffy's revelations. A little shocked by some of the details I imagine, but not overly surprised. As for your breadcrumb trail...I try to follow the clues, I just have to be careful...sometimes I reassemble the crumbs into a croissant instead of the loaf of bread intended. lol Again, really enjoying this fic. I like the short chapters setting things up. A scene here, a peek there, little hints of things foreshadowed...definitely has me hooked. :) As for Willow sorting out memories...I can definitely see the difficulty in having sorting through two perspectives on one event. Looking forward to chapter 16.
Review By [(Past Donor)Catlimere] • Date [7 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad, the Memories Remain" from (Moderator)FaithUnbreakable
Grrrr!! More plot please, these izzy bizzy pieces are not good for my finger nails, I tell you. That's evil. really evil. you are evil...and I adore you for it. Yep.
Review By [(Moderator)FaithUnbreakable] • Date [7 Nov 04] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 14" from (Moderator)FaithUnbreakable
Again i say Woa!!! I really love fics that have buffy as the immortal. Is Buffy older than Sasha? and are we getting more info on how they know each other, pretty please! Looking forward to more more more. F.
Review By [(Moderator)FaithUnbreakable] • Date [7 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 14" from (Past Donor)Catlimere
This story just continues to impress me and reel me in more and more. I am glad Willow turned out to be Immortal. It seems as if Buffy carries enough guilt and remorse as it is without adding Willow's final death to the burden. I like the way you write the characters' sensory awareness...the sights, the scents, not to mention their thoughts. Makes for a very real picture. I am curious to see what Giles' reaction will be, I wonder how much he may have already put together. He's far from unobservant. I am also curious to see what the reactions will be to Willow's new circumstances. More than that I'm curious to see what Willow's reactions are to her new Immortality, not to mention her acquistion of Buffy's memories. Although I imagine it could be taken like a quickening, the knowledge is there if you choose to access it; but in most cases the personality isn't completely lost and overtaken by the new knowledge. (Save for Darius' conversion to a monk and Duncan's dark quickening experience.) I'm hoping Willow is strong enough personality wise to fight Buffy's memories once she completely recovers from the shock. Dying to see where you go with this. Really great story, I look forward to your next update.
Review By [(Past Donor)Catlimere] • Date [6 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 12" from (Past Donor)Catlimere
Oh this is so good. So I am gathering Buffy is Elizabetha, an Immortal....possibly Genvieve as well? I am dying to know how she managed to suppress all of her past memories. Just from the bits and pieces overwhelming Willow and Buffy's nightmares prior to the memory restoration spell, I think I can see why she may prefer not to remember. Dying to see what happens next, hoping that the remaining Scoobies and Buffy can find some happiness again. Definitely seems in short supply right now. Hope Buffy kills whoever it was that killed Willow. Looking forward to more.
Review By [(Past Donor)Catlimere] • Date [6 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "For Good or Bad Ch 12" from (Moderator)FaithUnbreakable
Wow, absolutely wow. This is an awesome start and I love the way you're changing Buffy. More please, and fast.
Review By [(Moderator)FaithUnbreakable] • Date [6 Nov 04] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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