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A Murderer's Daughter

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Review of chapter "The Hufflepuff" from TheHunter
Holy crap didn't see that coming
Review By [TheHunter] • Date [6 Nov 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from DawnieWrites
Good story, nice take on things. A little confusing at one or two points, but it all made sense in the end.
Review By [DawnieWrites] • Date [14 May 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from oceanluvr
I really enjoyed the story!!!! I am going to read the next one now!!!
Review By [oceanluvr] • Date [1 Apr 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Silence" from NeedlessNoodles
Ugh. I was looking forward to the sequels, but I couldn't even be bothered to finish this one. Shame.
Review By [NeedlessNoodles] • Date [24 Jan 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from AstridWinchester
Just wanted to say that since I stumbled across this, I haven't been able to stop reading. You did AWESOME :) Very much Kudos
Review By [AstridWinchester] • Date [14 Jan 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from Dragonelf
You have done an excellent job with this story.

Leadership is based on inspiration, not
domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.
- William Arthur Wood
Review By [Dragonelf] • Date [7 Mar 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from Mierke
It's great to see Giles caring for Buffy. Not judging her, or giving her the cold shoulder, but giving her the support she so desperately needs right now (Chapter 2).

I'd just like to say, before I read any more of the story, that your premise is absolutely mind-blowing. The summary left me utterly confused and I'm sooo curious on where you're going with this! And even though Buffy being Voldemort's daughter was kind of a given, seeing the title, I'm still eager to find out how you're going to handle that.

All the threads your weaving about Buffy's live and personality are a brilliant way of making her another person and still being herself - the fact that she's younger, or the explanation about why she thinks she's a Slayer, her name, her parents... It all makes sense. Which is incredible, because, as I said, when I started reading this story, NOTHING made sense!

Poor Buffy, being talked to like that By Ollivander! (Chapter 7) I know he's scared and all, but does he really need to take that out on the girl? Oh, and leave it to Voldemort to brand his wand with a V, tsk, self-important bastard.

I love how she reacts to Snape (Chapter 9): "Snape didn’t seem to like Giles too much, which, in Buffy’s books, made him a horrible person." It's great to see her put so much trust in Giles, she could have easily went the other way, because he told her all about her real life.

It's good to see Buffy making friends so easily. The way she stands up for Hermione is lovely (Chapter 10): "Then you find out just how many ways I can make you cry before you even bleed a single drop of blood." - That's SO Buffy!

"“He’s dangerous,” Hermione warned. “I don’t think anyone could have a more evil father than Draco Malfoy’s.”

Buffy’s face dropped immediately. Wanna bet on that?"

Poor Buffy :( All this talking about Voldemort, how evil he is, how many people he has hurt... talking to Harry about his parents... it must be so hard on her. Even knowing that she's nothing like him, I don't think she can help being scared that there might be something of him in her. Plus, she's his daughter, and when people would know, they would automatically start assuming things, just like Giles did at first.

It's great to see her not only hanging out with the popular kids, but also with the poor nervous ones (Chapter 14). Neville actually reminds me a little of Willow, at the beginning of BtVS: always putting himself last, so insecure. I really like it that Buffy takes a liking to him and wants to help him. I think that's what attracts me to Buffy the most: she has her flaws, yes, but she's always trying to help people. She's so sweet in helping him, guiding him through it, step by step. "He winced as he remembered that the girl had incredible hearing. Buffy just pretended she hadn’t heard so as not to embarrass him." That was lovely. I had some kind of crazy smile on my face when Neville's antidote turned out perfectly!

Seeing her form some kind of friendship with Draco (Chapter 20) is nice. Even though he's never been nice to her, she manages to be nice to him. That's great. It's nice to see Draco getting some real friendship, I think it'd be really good for him. Nobody has ever seen him as a real person and that's what makes him such a jerk!

After leaving Voldemort's place (Chapter 29), Buffy must be scared out of her mind! I'm sitting on edge here, and I'm just reading the story. Poor girl, I really hope that Harry won't be too hard on her and that she finds a way to cope with the Dark Mark.

(By the way, I wasn't offended by you killing Spike. And that comes from a great Spike-lover and even a Spuffy shipper! Thing is, at this point in time, Spike is just a complete jerk who has nothing done to earn the rights of Buffy's love, or care.)

Her friends afraid of her (Chapter 31) - that's so hard. The looks they're giving her, the fact that they're talking about her, it must be devastating for her to sit with Neville and not be able to talk to her best friends, just because they think she's evil because she has an evil father! I don't understand why everyone would automatically assume that she's evil, especially not her friends - I mean, she was raised muggle, for heaven's sake! But yeah, people are stupid like that... And you gotta love Draco for pointing it out to them!

The scene with Drake (Chapter 32) reminded me of the end of Lie to me. That scene (and this one) always brings tears to my eyes, she's so deeply vulnerable when she asks that:

"“Tell me everything’ll be okay. Even if you’re lying,” she said. “Just tell me it’ll be okay.”

“It’ll be just fine,” he whispered into her hair. “I swear it. Everything’ll be just fine.”"

I was actually crying when it came to this point (Chapter 33):

"“You wanna know that until six months ago, I was just Buffy Summers, seventeen-year-old vampire Slayer. Until six months ago, I had a mom who loved me, I had friends who I trusted with my life. Until six months ago, I had no idea what a muggle was. I’d never seen a wand, I’d never watched anyone fly around on a broom, I’d never even heard the name Voldemort. Until six months ago, I thought my life was pretty fricken horrible, but I was proved wrong. It got worse. And has continued to get worse ever since then!”"

I'm glad that Harry and co came to their senses. When the whole school knows who Buffy is, it's gonna be so hard on her, and that's the time she's gonna need her friends the most. It's great to see that they're there for her (Chapter 38) and wanna stand up for her (Chapter 37). As we all know, high school is hell as it is - for Buffy, at this moment, it's even worse.

"“Hey Buffy, can you pass the salt,” Harry asked, his voice loud and clear. Almost everyone in the hall turned to watch, Buffy resisting the urge to roll her eyes. No doubt her every move was going to be monitored by teachers and students alike.

She did as requested, handing Harry the salt shaker. He sprinkled a liberal amount over his plate and didn’t hesitate to eat it. Buffy almost smiled. He was showing not just Buffy, but the entire school that he trusted her.

Ron saw it as well. “Here Harry, don’t hog it.”

Harry passed the shaker to Ron who didn’t even like salt on his food, but Ron sprinkled some onto his plate as well. Hermione smiled proudly, grateful that her boyfriend had shown some initiative in showing that he trusted Voldemort’s daughter. As hard as it was for Ron to accept it earlier, it looked like they were well on their way."

That was a great way of them showing Buffy that they trust her, and of them showing the whole school that Buffy can be trusted. Those are real friends and I know that Buffy must be very grateful for them!

It's great to see her slowly regaining the trusts of the students. Not because she's trying real hard, but just by being who she is. I loved the scene (Chapter 39) with Tara, that shows exactly who Buffy is. She's not evil in any way, she's just a girl.

The gift from the Scoobies (Chapter 40) was just... lovely.

(Just wanted to say, you've got Lee Jordan down to an art. His commentary is just like in the books, brilliant!)

It's great to see Buffy keeping her fighting spirit (Chapter 45). Even when she's faced with Voldemort, she has something of a light spirit. Taunting him, even though he could very well be the death of her - that's the Buffy we know and love. "You’re fighting a losing battle daddy. I’m a helluva lot stronger than you are."

I loved how she woke up (Chapter 47) after the curse. "“Ow,” she muttered quietly as she stretched out her sore and tired muscles." Made me giggle!

Seeing Willow back in the final chapter, was really the icing on the cake! I'm so glad this one ended on a happy note and I'm bouncing off to read the next part!
Review By [Mierke] • Date [7 Dec 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from (Recent Donor)DrakePendragon
Holy crap. This is one of the absolute best fanfics I've ever read, and I spend a lot of time reading them. I have to say, I followed you on everything except Buffy's middle name. I couldn't buy the jumble of Voldermort. It fit him since he is so narcissistic, but still, lost me there. And were was Sirius?! He was there, and then poof! That made me sad.
Review By [(Recent Donor)DrakePendragon] • Date [8 Jul 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from (Past Donor)athenewolfe
excellent story - I really enjoyed reading this tale, and how you handled the introduction of Buffy into the wizarding world
Review By [(Past Donor)athenewolfe] • Date [18 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Beginning" from VillageOrchid
Nice closure. Thanks for sharing.. and considering a continuination of the continuity.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Killing Curse" from VillageOrchid
Cool plot choices.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Corner" from VillageOrchid
Meh, so she can be Black cousin.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Mother" from VillageOrchid
Er. Well, considering the wizarding world, they probably could get married.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Eighteenth" from VillageOrchid
Cool chapter. Good pay-off.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Pandemonium" from VillageOrchid
Nice group of viceral, short chapters.
Review By [VillageOrchid] • Date [16 Feb 09] • Not Rated
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