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Review of chapter "Serious Consequences" from mscecilyunderwood
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments below! Its quite an eyeful so im heartened that you paid attention. For me the Salem community as a whole is a very wary and fearful community bec the Salem witch-hunts happened fairly recently. And its one bloody and dark chapter in the American history. I would assume that these witches and wizrds are descended from Europeans who were already persecuted from their countries, fled and ressettled in the new world. Its understandable if its still painful and scary to trust outsiders or strangers bec one wrong move for them would result to a massive witch-hunts and killings again. The ultra-insular british wizarding society on one hand has existed from merlins time or even earlier than that. They should have mechanisms in place for interacting more smoothly with the muggle world instead theyve isolated themselves bec of nefarious ideas blood purity etc. This societal mores vs Salems wariness would put me firmly in Salems camp. The situation with them needs improvement yes, but theyre relatively younger. Maybe you can have buffy work on that? With the fbm as someone who can start and work to reform the american magical community. I noted that she wasnt really looked upon with prejudice by the people of the community , its moreof people going about their business. Ormaybe buffy can find a more receptive and older, wiser american indian magical village/community? Theyve been naturals with earth magic, always awareof the spiritual and supernatural in real life.

I also think theyve let buffy go bec in the pov of a ruling official shes a political challenge that can go wrong. Granting her to stay might have political ramifications. Shes a slayer and the watchers council are fiercely possessive of their tools. Then her parents are british and with the whole blood purity mess they have, any govt would be wary. I wont be surprised tooif dumbledore dropped a word here and there to get buffy reunited with her father. So i hope remembers FBMs rejection and use that positively.

I dont see anything the council can do to take buffy or faith out of hogwarts anytime soon. Whether they dislike having angel with giles guarding the hellmouth is immaterial bec faith is unfit yet and has a long way to recovery. Buffy is a witch with a living wizard as a parent, an order member too. Short of storming hogwarts to get them back itll be tricky. Unless they kill off faith to have another called. But its a hit and miss too bec they might get a slayer not council trained like buffy and faith.

I can understand the negative undercurrents between angel and the scoobs. And on one part there will always be that wariness and caution about angelus.

Thanks and looking forward on your update soon!
Comments from author:
Of course I'd take the time to respond! It's the least I can do when one of my readers leaves me such a thoughtful review.

I've actually got notes which address the history of New Salem (there's lots of back story I've created which will probably never get a chance to end up in the story). My version is this:

As you mention, the British wizarding community has been largely separated from muggles for centuries - we know that some level of separation from/anti-muggle sentiment (and muggle anti-magic) dated back to the founders of the school and Hogsmeade, which were hidden from muggles. In my version the European magic users who went to the new world six centuries later were not fleeing persecution from muggles - we were told that few real witches were involved in the witch trials and in Europe I see this as being true - they had been separated long enough to be reasonably good at hiding though a number of true magic users were still caught (encouraging maintaining the separation). Instead the magical settlers in America were escaping the restrictions placed on them by the Ministries to maintain their secrecy - they were the liberal thinkers who didn't believe that we needed to keep hidden and that cost them dearly. They were still a small community, trying to live peacefully alongside muggles when it was decimated by witch trials and forced to retreat into the mountains. Where British wizards primarily think of muggles as a joke, dismiss them as beneath their notice (and associate muggle-borns in this inferiority), the Americans are still bitter and wary of a real enemy, have ended up turning more in on themselves in response to the threat.

At the time she was deported nobody knew she was a slayer or Remus' daughter and Dumbledore was not a factor (involve a foreigner in their affairs? Never). The decision was entirely made based on the risk she posed as a powerful muggle-born witch with uncontrollable magic which as you say could have caused (local) political problems. They were well in their rights to send her back to her country of birth but they had the option to let her stay had they chosen to do so, and they made that decision without any consideration of her as a person rather than a problem (much like Fudge did not soon after). Yes there have ultimately been positive outcomes of their decision, but they are not attributable to those who made it. The one thing Buffy will never forget is that this decision took away any chance she might have had of seeing Joyce before she died.

In this 'verse there are far less instances of untrained/unknown slayers (Faith was trained - we know she had a watcher who died before she came to Sunnydale... she was just a very different temperament to Kendra) this is largely due to the family connection between them - lineage is relatively easy to trace barring adoptions. Remus being Buffy's father is still not something widely known - werewolves are not allowed to have children so they're still wary about what reaction the Ministry might have to her. At the moment, with or without Faith, the Council would not have an active slayer as they know Voldemort is working with creatures who would soon find out about her location. The Watchers have to (reluctantly) trust a vampire to do what's needed.

Thank you for another interesting review. I love it when reader's comments make me think more about the world I'm trying to create.
Review By [mscecilyunderwood] • Date [13 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Serious Consequences" from mscecilyunderwood
Well im still quite annoyed with Sirius. I do hope the upcoming Buffy/Sirius interactions will contain Sirius' thanks to what Buffy did to save their asses back at the Ministry attack. If he forgets then he just proves he hasnt grown up at all--just the same self centered condescending jerk he was since their Marauder days. I can't understand why Remus is so attached to him, when the man doesn't really have a sympathetic bone in his body now that theyve gotten older. For him going out and helping with the park attack was really more about
the thrill of a fight. I truly doubt that it was because of altruistic feelings. I think he was just so excited after being cooped up in azkaban for so long. I really dont like the man, he hasnt given me any reason to be endearing. Oh i know he loves harry so much. To the exclusion of others. Remus and lily were his friends too, but why is it that he's wary and cold towards buffy. Heck they owe her so much, both in the past for not doing anything to seek out what was happening in her life and then afterwards. It serves him right that buffy doesnt give even an iota of her attention when they were speaking about Remus leaving again. You know i think in the foreseeable future, once buffy graduates and if her relationship with her father is repaired and okay, buffy will definitely see the needfor her to prefer living in muggle america, back to sunnydale or somewhere east. Shes the slayer so Either of them (faith) can choose. To give her a much better future than the ethnocentric british wizarding society with their biases and prejudices. I wont be surprised if she finds herself well accepted and even popular in the Salem magical community since the atmosphere youve painted of them awhile back is unconventional and accepting. Plus the fact that she already knew someone there. If Remus really loves her, by that time he will readily go with her as family.

I like the fact that you decided for buffy to give harry a realistic dose of his own medicine. Bec he said sorry to her it meant that everythings hunk dory already?huh, he has another thing coming.. he was quite lucky that buffy became the better person, offered him a morsel instead of letting him stew some more. He should be deeply ashamed, with his attitude, those of his friends and the fact that he has to be pestered and coached by hermione to say sorry. If he was my brother, id spank him with my slippers til his butt becomes so red and sore he wont be able to sit in a week. Hes grown up into such a drama queen with a tunnel vision. Everything is about him, about hes destiny to defeat voldemort etc. He needs to get over himself and its good that you let buffy show him some harsh truths about life, about growing up, about being someone with a destiny, about saving lives, about family. I think buffy doing and living the way she does now showing a great level of maturity will be an eye opener to these suspicious prejudiced brats. She does by example, lives what she believes, is self contained and self sufficient. The way I see it, buffy doesnt need them. She can go back to america as soon as she finishes and faiths recovered. She has another war to fight in, one that has been going on before the written histry of mankind, one that encompasses the outside world than britain. One that she has fought in night after night for more than 2 years now. Harry doesnt even have that kind of dangerous persecuted life so he doesnt really have the reason to be angry and treat buffy like that! He doesnt have even half of buffys power and ability yet everybody treats him like hes a messiah. He really needs a humungous dose of reality check!

Im wondering if youll update with whats going on with the scoobs? I seem to forget what happened to them. The only thing i can recall is joyce's death and capture of faith.

Thanks so much for updating!
Comments from author:
Yeah, Sirius isn't the best at thinking of others. 12 years in isolation doesn't really help people grow into well rounded adults and he's still rather childish in his desire for adventure. After being free to roam about for two years, Grimmald Place was another prison for him and he definitely chafed at the restrictions it placed on him (and is now revelling in the chance to do as he wishes).

I'll have to think about redoing the conversation if he came across as cold/wary towards Buffy. At a point I think I describe him as defensive - but then she was kinda belittling the abilities of those who'd been hurt trying to save others... so I think that's fair game. Beyond that he was mostly reassuring/saying goodbye to Harry, just as Remus was focussed more on her (and visa versa in both cases).

It's strange that you perceived New Salem as being less prejudiced than the British community as I thought I had portrayed the opposite... though perhaps in offhand comments (I think I mention the banks don't like muggle money and they don't make an effort to convince muggle-borns that their world is real - the implication being that this caused many of them to go untrained as Buffy was). The wizards she primarily associated with there were very accepting, but also made out to be the more liberal amongst the FBM. As a whole the Bureau decided to make her leave rather than nationalise a resident of 17 years and let her train there... which isn't something Buffy will soon forget.

I'm glad you liked Buffy's reserved response to Harry.

We'll find out what's going on with the scoobies in a couple of chapters, don't worry I haven't forgotten them. So far we know that Angel came back over Christmas, and that Joyce died when Faith was taken not long after. Angel is currently protecting the Hellmouth and being helped by Giles (which some of the council don't like) and (though this isn't stated) the rest of the gang.
Review By [mscecilyunderwood] • Date [9 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Serious Consequences" from starwolf
"love to be told what I'm doing wrong" other than not writing fast enough, ha, no you're doing very well so far, keep it up. were there any magical herb stores in the Ravenclaw tower along with the books? Buffy might find something that could help. oh well, take care and thanks
Comments from author:
After 250 years I think even dried herbs would have lost their potency (as dried spices tend to after a year or two) but no, unfortunately there's nothing there that could help besides the books. I'm glad I'm doing well. Unfortunately the speed of writing is difficult to alter with anything but premium muse food, and that kind of inspiration seems to come and go without rhyme or reason... though the encouragement provided by your lovely reviews always helps!
Review By [starwolf] • Date [7 Mar 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "While You Work" from FicChick
It gets a bit wordy at times but the premise is original & the writing is really well done.
Comments from author:
Too wordy... hmm... okay, I'll try to keep that in mind! Though I have to say it's doubtful I'll ever entirely combat it. One of my favourite authors as a child was Tolkein (the king of overly wordy) and I can't seem to escape a certain degree of that.
Review By [FicChick] • Date [7 Mar 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Serious Consequences" from AllenPitt
Good explanation of Marietta. (the curse not getting lifted, Hermione would have been in some trouble eventually for that, I always thought). Whatever expense there is in making this potion should come out of Shacklebolt's pay.
At some point someone is going to bring up the whole "Harry has to stay with a blood relative of Lily's" thing, meaning Buffy?
Hm, even if Faith is cured, she probably can't return to Sunnydale right off, or else V. would just snatch her up again, surely? Got to feel bad for the scoobies, the mayor is probably walking all over them.
Comments from author:
Yeah... I really disliked that there didn't appear to be any repercussions for what Hermione had done to Marietta in the books. It seemed like the beginning of the downward spiral of a 'it's evil when they do it but good when we do' attitude which really jarred at me in the books. I'm happy to accept (as will become evident in due course) that in order to battle those with little/no morals, your own moral codes may have to be bent, but I think some acts should always elicit a degree of remorse from the 'good' irrespective of who they're performed on.

The blood relative thing hasn't come up yet... which actually wasn't the plan - it was meant to be addressed in the conversation with Dumbledore as it was in the book, but the flow of conversation never ended up in that direction as it did in JKR's original version. And thinking ahead... this may be useful for my story. Since the necessity for him to stay with relatives hasn't been made clear to Harry yet, he currently assumes that with his Godfather freed, he'll be able to stay with him in the summer... which as we know is not the case.

And yes, being away from Hogwarts (with Dumbledore's protection) is still dangerous for Slayers as Voldemort remains interested in them. What this means for Faith after she recovers will be addressed by the Watchers. The Scoobies are left with only Angel to help combat the Mayor... poor Xander.
Review By [AllenPitt] • Date [7 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Serious Consequences" from LadyHecate
I was as relieved as Buffy to know that dinosaurs were not something the wizards were hiding! I am wondering about the 3 wizards in blood red robes from the pic. Were those aurors or someone else? Probably an obvious answer there, that I should have seen. Was glad for the apology from Harry. Buffy was more gracious then I would have been. Thanks for the wonderful update! I will miss you for the rest of the month.
Comments from author:
Well they have dragons, gryphons and giants so not all the creatures are innocuous. But yeah... no dinosaurs. The three wizards were those animating the dinosaurs. I'll try to change a couple of things to ensure that's clear.

I hope the apology (and her reaction to it) didn't come across as ooc... It felt needed. I'm really glad that it's not just me who had the impression that Aurors wore red (hopefully it's not just caused by fannon - its always hard to be sure).
Review By [LadyHecate] • Date [7 Mar 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "While You Work" from bradsan
Those PTB are in need for some big ass kicking. They are using and abusing the world they have in their care. To much power if you ask me. I wonder when they are gone be called back because when there is a heaven there is probably a someone higher then they are. They could have warn Buffy so she could take Faith and Joyce away from the danger. Now they will have two unwilling Slayers at their hands. Knowing Buffy that isn't something you want to have.

Poor Neville, Buffy unwillingly cut off the magical connections in one arm/hand. I wonder if she can take away that connection she probably also can fix it. A animal always lick/cleans their or other wounds so they can heal. Wonder what will happen if she had done that and if she can fix the connection by healing his scars.

Can't wait for the fight in Faiths mind. They are stronger together.

Great update
Comments from author:
For some reason re-reading your review just gave me a image of Whistler squashing a butterfly. The PTB have always felt to me like beings taking that kind of action. Kill the butterfly which would have produced the storm... and killed the man.. who was destined to... They take actions which at the outset is cruel (what did the bug do to them?) but the goal isn't necessarily so. They just see things in such a broad overview that mortals could never understand.

Buffy is not able to fix Neville's problem - much like vampire bat's saliva contains anticoagulants to keep blood flowing and werewolf bites can infect the recipient, in that form Buffy's scratches and bites infect the wound with the same ability to absorb magic that she has - preventing any healing magic from affecting the area and draining the person's own magic as it passes through.

The fight in Faith's mind is something I've been looking forward to as well. Hopefully I'll do it (them) justice.
Review By [bradsan] • Date [16 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "While You Work" from (Recent Donor)SlayerandWereLeopard
great update :)
Review By [(Recent Donor)SlayerandWereLeopard] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "While You Work" from NutsContract
Wow, that is a pretty obvious clue if you know what it means. I did not know that before, so yay!! I learned something new today! Thanks so much for updating!
Comments from author:
Lol yeah - one of those things where if you know it it's clear as day but if you don't there's no chance of guessing. Although I think there were one or two more obvious (but less definite) clues out there too.
Review By [NutsContract] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "While You Work" from ChaosLady
I didn't know the full name of Romulus and Remus' mother was Silvia Rhea, just Rhea. And I was taught the history of the founding of Rome very well by my Latin teacher, so it shouldn't be surprising that no one else got it. Excellent update.
Comments from author:
That's odd - I remembered Rhea Silvia from my own meanders into Livy. I guess it depends on the translation? (I am not able to read the original latin) I think 'Silvia' was her family name (the Silvian family) which might be part of the reason for it being dropped in your teachings. When I thought of it I quite liked that (if I've remembered right) the chapter on her was titled 'The Trials of Rhea Silvia' (or maybe plight) and this story is all about Anne Silvia's Trials (Although that, too, may have been in translation as I know sometimes titles are added by translators).

I do love that we can go back far enough that there's only one source and still have people drawing different things from it. Aah the idiosyncranies of history.
Review By [ChaosLady] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "While You Work" from Rich
It's been a long ride, and it's not over yet. I think Buffy's attitude towards Remus is understandable, and at least somewhat justified. As I mentioned in an earlier review (a Looong time ago now), I hate it when Joyce dies; and certainly, Joyce, Giles, and even Hank were better parents to Buffy than her birth-parents ever were, and Joyce paid the ultimate price for that. It wouldn't surprise me if Buffy simply washes her hands of the entire wizarding world once Voldemort has been dealt with.
Comments from author:
Nope, definitely not over. One of the original premises of this story was the idea that an adopted Buffy might not really care who her 'real' parents were... or not enough to seek them out - because, as you say, she already had loving parents. Being me I just had to throw in an altruistic reason for giving her up into the mix, but that doesn't mean Buffy will embrace him with open arms.
Review By [Rich] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "While You Work" from starwolf
great chapter, but it leaves me wanting more. hope your feeling better.
thanks, till next time.
Comments from author:
Thanks! Sorry it took so long to get more to you. Updates will, unfortunately, be slowing down now as I run out of prewritten segments and Uni rolls to a close.
Review By [starwolf] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "While You Work" from AllenPitt
Huh, haven't seen Whistler in this story for quite a while. Nice to see he's still around and there's a plan, of sorts. And it makes sense, the Powers That Be don't care about individuals, much. He's only helping Buffy with Faith because F. is "needed", probably to help against the Mayor.
So--all buffy has to do now is fight off Faith's nightmare figure & break through her shell. Easy! If she manages to get Faith awake and active, who knows, maybe she can start dealing with her feelings about Remus & Harry.
At least Sirius is getting a trial, that's a huge step forward. Hm, even if the Wizangamot doesn't allow HP to testify, what about Ron & Hermione? Both were present when Sirius explained what had happened, AND both saw Peter Pettigrew alive. They might have to reveal the Marauder's Map & testify they saw PP's name on it.? Not sure if veritaserum is admissible for use in questioning people. That could help with Sirius.
And, animagus training for Buffy. Not sure she is one, exactly, but I suppose it can't hurt. And of course we all want to know how she does on her upcoming big tests.
Comments from author:
A plan? What is this plan of which you speak.... and where can I find it?

Um yeah, Whistler... well someone needed to help Buffy help Faith and it seemed like a nicely cyclical arc to have him at the end as he had been there at the beginning. It's nice to have an abstract character every once in a while.

This was a bit of a filler chapter - updating us on what's going on with Sirius and how the injured parties are recovering, reminding readers (and Buffy) of the coming exams. The whole testifying thing... well I see that as being something very strange in the wizarding world.

Veritaserum can force you to tell the truth... but I can't see that as being anything other than the truth as the imbiber knows it. It's like Buffy not being able to speak to the Watchers about magic. It didn't matter that in reality the council knew, Buffy believed they didn't so couldn't speak.

The truth and what one knows is a fickle thing... Which we've seen can be so easily distorted by memory charms (in my mind OotP members would have wiped their memories if caught to prevent being forced to reveal things, equally one imagines Malfoy and Avery had to suppress their memories in some way to convince people they were Imperiused). So... um... yeah somewhere in that rant. For all the 'truth' magic can force out of you I think there's only so much that can be accepted as real... which the wizarding courts are reacting against now.
Review By [AllenPitt] • Date [15 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Dirty Complexities" from bradsan
great update's love them.

I agree with Buffy. One parent could have gone with her or both. The Hellmouth protected them so if they didn't want to lose her. They could go with her instead of giving her away. It's taking the easy way out if you ask me, in this case that is. Instead it became more difficult and hard. And Lily blaming Remus. It takes two to tango and if you can do de mambo jambo, you can also think about the consequence's. It also shows that Remus and Lily has no backbones. If I was Buffy I would ask myself what's wrong with me that they didn't want to do the same thing for me as they did for Harry.

Wonder how Faith will react when Snape tries to enter her mind. For me Buffy will be the right person to do it. If any one can pull her out of it. It will be Buffy. Buffy is her Slayer sister and won't be a stranger. The Slayer inside her will except the older Slayer more easily. I think.
I also think it's good that Buffy's focus will be at Faith this moment. they will need each other.

Good riddance of Umbridge by the way. And I really hope that Sirius will be out of Azkaban real quick because I can't wait for the interaction between Buffy and him. She already annoyed him when Buffy tried to distract Harry from the pain and he didn't get it what she tried to do. Snape will love it and will back Buffy every time Sirius have a disagreement.

I also agree with your reviewer Cecile.
Comments from author:
We will be hearing more from Remus soon and see what all this means for their friendship. Buffy, as you say, is focussed on Faith and will be putting all her efforts into helping her recover (it's a good method of avoiding all the angsty family stuff too, which we know she likes to do). Lol, yup, Sirius didn't get what Buffy was doing (although he might be slightly grateful for her helping keep Faith away from Harry). Interactions between the two of them should be fun!
Review By [bradsan] • Date [14 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Dirty Complexities" from nomorebread
Holy crap, Batman!!!! This story is unreal! I absolutely love it! You've captured everyone's personalities perfectly. I can't wait to see how this unfolds. Keep the awesomeness coming! Please update soonish.
Comments from author:
Thanks! I'm glad the characters come across okay - that's always a big worry for me. I'll try to keep it coming!
Review By [nomorebread] • Date [13 Feb 14] • Not Rated
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