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Changing Time

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Review of chapter "parts 19 and 20" from Tempi
Great story. I look forward to reading more of Kendra's adventures in the X-men world.
Comments from author:
Thank you.

As a Slayer, she's doomed to have an interesting life. The world of Marvel Comics is practiced at 'interesting.'
Review By [Tempi] • Date [3 Jun 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "parts 19 and 20" from MarcusRowland
Nice to see this continue - The Council taking an interest in Kendra is probably not good news.
Comments from author:
No, they probably aren't good news. The Council as a whole rarely is/was anything that we could call 'good news.'
Review By [MarcusRowland] • Date [3 Jun 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 17 & 18" from Dragonelf
::Gives the plot bunny some carrot shortcake::

The trouble with the rat race is that
even if you win, you're still a rat.
- Lily Tomlin
Review By [Dragonelf] • Date [12 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 17 & 18" from (Moderator)acs
I really like how you depict Kendra, giving her a depth that was missing from the show and sorely needed. In your story she's a really emotionally rich character.

How long did it take the show writers to even begin giving that sort of depth and thoughts on life and death to their resident slayer? And even then it was so her suicidal leap at the end of season 5 didn't seem out of the blue.
Comments from author:
I'm a firm believer that if the character is more than background cashier appearing for thirty seconds in one scene, they should have depth and more dimensions than a tiny little description - blonde cheerleader, angry jock, minion vampire, other Slayer...

Would it be snarky of me to point to a stack of writing books that insist that any main, secondary or even just repeat appearing character should have depths? Motivations, personality, quirks and details.... that sort of thing? More than a job and an accent, at any rate.

Review By [(Moderator)acs] • Date [22 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 17 & 18" from MarcusRowland
Lovely to see this again, and still enjoying it a lot.

Just noticed one very minor thing - at a few points you use the expression "Ms xxx" e.g. "he was trying to kill Ms Grey" in (I think) Chapter 5. I'm pretty sure that Ms (as distinct from Miss) didn't really come into use until much later, with the rise of the feminist movement.
Comments from author:
I will have to check that and correct it if needed - to be honest, I hadn't even thought about MS as a result of the feminist movement.

On a less nit-picky aspect (and I'm not complaining, it's a good thing to take into consideration!), I'm glad that you're still enjoying my tale of how things could have gone for Kendra.
Review By [MarcusRowland] • Date [22 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 15 and 16" from Dragonelf
I am looking forward to read any future chapters the plot bunny will inspire you to add to this story.

::Gives the plot bunny some Black Forest cake with extra chocolate::

Truly great madness cannot be achieved
without significant intelligence.
- Henrik Tikkanen
Comments from author:
I've been working on the next parts, though it's not quite ready to update yet. Things have just been a bit busy with the characters...

bribing the plot bunnies with chocolate.... they were bad enough when they got offered carrots. Now how am I supposed to keep them in line? grumble grumble : )
Review By [Dragonelf] • Date [15 Dec 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 15 and 16" from GundumM
it has potential
Review By [GundumM] • Date [27 Nov 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 15 and 16" from banner
Thanks for updating! I like this view of Kendra - although I wonder how she will go about tracking down the Council. Does this mean that she will start a new line of Slayers in this dimension? Did the PtB send her? Will they send her dreams?
Comments from author:
I'm glad that you're enjoying this Kendra. Locating the Council is a big task, especially if you don't have a good starting point or someone to introduce you. Perhaps some of the new connections will be able to help her out with that... And perhaps she's better off without them. That all depends on who's running the Council, and how that person would react to a Slayer who isn't under their control, who has other responsibilities and ties... And now that Kendra's getting involved with helping start the School, she's not going to go skipping off because some guys with old books crook their finger - especially since none of them are HER Watcher.

As for the PtB... I have little faith in Joss's PtB. Marvel's on the other hand... seem to take a more hands-off policy, though I could see some of them sending some interesting dreams her way, 'just to see what she would do'.
Review By [banner] • Date [24 Nov 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 15 and 16" from (Current Donor)Shieldage
Looks like things are coming together well for them. Good assortment of folks, nice assembly of folklore. Interesting tactic revealing most of their (intital? obvious?) powers, but keeping the history teacher's in reserve. Looking forward to more.
Comments from author:
I'm glad that you're enjoying. One of the things that I always enjoyed about X-Men (and I hereby reveal that I haven't been following since the original creation) is that they show a diversity of people, from different backgrounds and with different approaches to life. I'm using Kendra's influence and logical arguments to get a bit more diversity in there from the start, to take an approach where one person isn't responsible for handling everything - maybe that way, the Professor won't make a few of the same mistakes.

Something to keep in mind - Xavier can tell when a person is a mutant, but that isn't the same as knowing what said mutant can do. Some abilities aren't obvious, and if it's not obvious, and Charlie doesn't pry, and he didn't catch a glimpse of the ability in action... who will know?
Review By [(Current Donor)Shieldage] • Date [24 Nov 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "parts 13 and 14" from banner
* Excellent * portrayal of a moral conundrum. This story has interesting premises and fun interaction. Well done.
Review By [banner] • Date [4 Mar 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 13 and 14" from MarcusRowland
So now there's a vampire child who knows who they all are. NOT good. Probably turn out to be Deacon thingy from Blade.
Comments from author:
Nope, not Deacon Frost. Background material puts him at adult and fanged well before the turn of the century.

Kendra still thinks he's not good. Small doesn't equal harmless, especially not when combined with vampire. But looking like a child does mean the bystanders are going to be much less inclined to let her attack him.
Review By [MarcusRowland] • Date [5 Dec 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 13 and 14" from (Current Donor)Shieldage
Huh, I wonder if the child-vamp is unaging and if so... Oh well. Hey, different reality, might be hope.

Also looks like the vamps can't sense each other...

Nice scene.
Comments from author:
As for the child vamp, well... the next few parts won't be focusing on him.

Regarding vampires sensing each other, any canon source gives the impression that all vamps are not equal at that. Vampire A may be better at sensing other vamps and the relative danger of that living person over there, while Vampire B may be able to punch through a brick wall (and may not be much brighter than said wall...)

You must also keep in mind that the only thing we can be sure about with that child-vampire is that he really, truly didn't want to be staked. I can't blame him for that. Nobody wants to be staked. Oh, and we can be sure that Kendra doesn't trust him.

The question is, is vamp-boy more like Laddie from Lost Boys (mostly harmless, despite the fangs) or Claudia from Interview with a Vampire (undersized and evil)?
Review By [(Current Donor)Shieldage] • Date [5 Dec 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "parts 13 and 14" from mithrilandtj
Yay! You updated!

I love this story!
Comments from author:
Yes, I updated : )

I'm glad that this one has fans, Kendra needs some love too.
Review By [mithrilandtj] • Date [5 Dec 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "parts 11 and 12" from Takarameri
I like how you're developing the characters and how that affects their interactions. I really like your portrayal of Kendra.
Comments from author:
First, the experiences and interactions that a person or character has affects them, it helps them to grow and change, though not always in a positive and healthy direction (cough: canon Magneto: cough) I believe that it would be silly not to have the characters changing as the story progresses, and I refuse to force them to stay in the mold of What Has Been Written in Canon when their situation has changed from canon.

I also refuse to stick with How Things Went Before when the different characters and recent history shouldn't (and in my writing won't) leave the characters exactly as they were in canon. Introducing Kendra and her end of the century upbringing and education as well as her Slayer confidence and reactions WILL change the way Charles and Erik think about the founding of this school. That will have a ripple effect on everything else... At least to some extent. It may not change what mutants are out there or what mutations they have, but it will influence how our founders (now a founding trio) interact with them, and possibly how they view our founders.

... and I like to give Kendra a chance to live and grow a little.
Review By [Takarameri] • Date [31 Aug 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "parts 11 and 12" from Artemis
Charles' crush on Kendra is very cute. I love how she doesn't really get the teasing, but thinks Buffy would. And I'm so looking forward to their next patrol!
Review By [Artemis] • Date [31 Aug 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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