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House Calls

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Review of chapter "House Calls" from ElaineRhodes
That was great!
Very enjoyable. Great characterizations for both shows.
Review By [ElaineRhodes] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "House Calls" from JasonBarnett
I like your stories, but Xander's little speech to Dawn about the Scoobies relationship post Apocalypse and then how Buffy would eventually change. I think it would cause a person to stop and think "Hmmm... Buffy frequently enjoys my company, but invariably she ends up lying to me about things. And it's always after she meets someone. Why is that?"

Xander has never supported Buffy in a single one of her relationships. The only time I can remember him talking to her about her relationship with Riley he's berating her as it's coming to an end. Despite the fact that Buffy is in an emotionally fragile state with a sick mother and a sister who doesn't exist, Xander makes it seem her relationship with Riley failing is her fault. Despite the fact that Riley knows the things I mentioned and he's older and well versed enough in psychiatry to pose as a TA on it. And when Riley comes back a year later he's married. So despite Xander's claims maybe he wasn't the one she was meant to be with.

My point is basically Xander turns into a jerk whenever Buffy gets in a relationship, so why should she tell him the truth. Of course you could argue he turns into a jerk because of the way she acts when she's in a relationship. I suppose it's a chicken egg thing.

In addition his fight with Willow. How does a spell to monitor whether he's alive or not compare with altering someone's mind. I'm sick of people coming down on Willow's magic when it's saved their asses a hundred times.

Finally Xander's comments on learning. Four years after a disasterous spell is cast by a fairly powerful and slightly experienced witch because of Xander's personal problems he decides to cast a spell himself, because of his relationship problems. This doesn't suggest learning to me.
Review By [JasonBarnett] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "House Calls" from MistofRainbows
Would have been better other than the no talking to Willow for two years. Out of character for Xander and way out of character for Willow. I can't see her saying that about Xander being the only one that needed protecting. The weird fever thing listening to his friend cut into him was out of character. The part about House was pretty much in character. As for the rest of the writing it was nice. I really can't see Willow not asking Xander for permission for something like that.
Review By [MistofRainbows] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Rating [3 out of 10]
Review of chapter "House Calls" from redrikki
This was a bit darker and angstier than your usual, but that actually made it better. Most people writing post-chosen tend to gloss over the Scoobies' serious relationship issues and I liked that you dealt with them head on and still managed to have it funny. Nice job.
Review By [redrikki] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "House Calls" from ashez
Ha ha, this was great. Ironic for me too, since I wished for a House crossover from you the other day when I was watching the show... I do wish there was a bit more House/Xander banter, but what there was in the fic cracked me up.
Review By [ashez] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "House Calls" from EdScott
Just utterly perfect. You had the dialogue down pat.
Review By [EdScott] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "House Calls" from (Past Donor)Mari
While there were some really funny lines in here--some of them funny enough to make me consider watching House, which I don't--I did have a little trouble with the characterization of Xander, Willow, and Buffy. Xander did his fair share of pushing away, and Willow and Buffy weren't quite that self-centered. I have trouble seeing Xander not talking to either of them any longer.
Review By [(Past Donor)Mari] • Date [29 Jun 06] • Not Rated
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