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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Resources for Authors

Buffyverse Reference Information

The Internet Movie Database entry for Angel the Series.
The Internet Movie Database entry for the movie that kicked the whole thing off.
Everything Amazon's monster has to say on the series.
Complete guide to almost everything related to BtVS - episode guide with synopsis, cast, body count, quotes and reviews as well as complete character / actor / production crew listings for the entire series.
This website contains every Buffy character, episode, cast member, writer and director and every word of every show, in a searchable database.
Another big reference site, with complete transcripts of all Buffy and Angel episodes.
A quite frightening amount of information on anything even vaugely related to the show. Oh, and apparently there is some type of encyclopedia-type-thingy on the site too.

Crossover Resources

Roswell episode guides, images, and other useful information for aspiring BtVS/Roswell writers.
Information site for Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Includes episode guides, transcripts, images, and other information on the shows.
Great resource for all things HP - both books and movies.
Information on the television show "Supernatural" including character, place, and plot information.

Grammar / Language References

Great site with information on commonly misspelled/misused words in the English language.
A wikipedia page on the major differences between American and British English - very useful for ensuring you use the correct idioms in dialogue. Also see the linked page on spelling differences.
A complete guide to the ins and outs of adding "he said" to a sentence, including where to add tags, how to punctuate them, and the correct way to mix stage directions with dialogue tags.
A site providing an introduction to the Elven language from Lord of the Rings, and a number of translations of common words / phrases.
A complete guide to punctuation covering American and British English. It focuses more on writing papers than fiction, but almost all of it's applicable. See the separate "Punctuating Dialogue" link below for more specialist advice on dialogue in fiction.
A very good paper demonstrating the correct punctuation to use when writing dialogue. Many web sites when covering the use of quotation marks look at their use for introducing quotations, which is subtley different from their use in introducing dialogue in a story.
Summaries are the single most important factor in getting readers to look at your story. This handy guide offers the dos and don'ts of writing a good summary.
A large collection of papers and advice on writing techniques.


Browser-based word processor. Along with the usual features you'd expect to find, it also has great collaboration support, allowing you and your beta reader to both edit the document and see each others changes in real time.
Free suite of office software, ideal for writing your fanfiction stories that contains a fully featured word processor with spell checker. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

TtH Challenge Communities

While open to all fandoms, the 50-Smutlet community was originally intended as the first attempt at a kink community for TtH. It rapidly grew to include other fandoms. Lots of claims still open. 50 prompts total and all fics must be FR21 in rating.
This is the LJ drabble community for Twisting the Hellmouth. 100 prompts are given and authors write according to what they have claimed.
LiveJournal community for Twisting the Hellmouth, focusing on fics of at least 5000 words. You must stake a claim before playing and there are 20 prompts total.
LiveJournal Community for Twisting the Hellmouth. A weekly prompt is given and writers are encouraged to write as many drabbles from it as they can think up.
Livejournal community for the October fic-spree in the theme of Halloween. Started in 2006. Prompts are given and writers are encouraged to write as many Halloween flavored drabbles, ficlets, and fics as possible before midnight strikes on October 31st.
November is kink month at TtH. Started in 2006, this community will house each year's prompts for this merry month of smutty fun.
LiveJournal writing community for Twisting the Hellmouth, focusing on fics longer than drabbles, but not full-out novellas. A new prompt is given weekly.