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Lips of An Angel

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Summary: Little did he know there’d be something more between them.

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PhoenixRaeFR1314,305021,38023 Jan 0723 Jan 07Yes
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DISCLAIMER: Lois Lane, Dean Winchester, Smallville & Supernatural aren’t mine. And the pictures used for the fanart's found online. No money’s been made off this, it’s just for fun.

PhoenixRae’s NOTES: I wrote this a month or so ago after I became obsessed with the pairing after watching a fanvid made by one shipper from one of the forums I am a member of. I'd really appreciate it if you'd give me back your honest-to-goodness feedback 'coz I have quite a few plot bunny idea(s) for this pairing.

Pairing: Lois Lane/Dean Winchester

SUMMARY: Little did he know there’d be something more between them.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

SHE WAS A BEAUTY. A real classic beauty with long, wavy blondish-brown hair, big, bright green eyes and a wide mouth with lips so sinful I wouldn’t mind losing myself kissing them; tasting them; devouring them until I couldn’t consume anymore of what she has to offer. And her body was spectacular too, but it was her lips that I was more attracted to.

We met by chance. Sam and I were in Kansas, stopping by this cosmopolitan city called Metropolis and a nearby town of Smallville. She was hanging out with a group of her friends at this place called the Talon (which I later found out housed her place of lodging as well). Sam and I stopped by for some coffee and snacks, thinking up a game plan on where to go after our last stint in a nearby town.

Sam was attracted to one of the blonds seated at the table two rows over from where we sat. My little brother tried to downplay his attraction to the pixie-like blue-eyed girl with the same wide-mouth smile as her, but I knew Sam better than anyone. After all that we’ve both been through, it was only natural for him to be attracted to a member of the opposite sex, especially someone as cute and infectious as the petite blond.

“If you like her, why don’t you get up and off your lazy ass and ask her for her name and number,” I told my suddenly bashful brother.

Sam glared at me. He was pissed that I read his mind. I didn’t really need a genius to figure out what he was thinking and who has caught his attention.

“It’s not that easy, Dean,” Sam told me in a level tone, but the look he gave me said otherwise. He wanted to be cautious. Heck, my little brother was so pure sometimes I wondered if we were spawned from the same loin!

But crassness aside, I wanted Sam to have a little bit of fun. All these supernatural stuff we’ve been hunting for over a year now (heck, we’ve been doing this gig since we were both kids) has stalled both our love lives. Sure I indulged in the occasional casual sex or short-lived flings, but that doesn’t beat the all time favourite popularly dubbed as love-at-first-sight. In my case it was lust at first sight – or so I thought.

After a couple of more cajoling, Sam finally relented and with the pretense of ordering us another cup of coffee (which he did, by the way), he walked up to the girls’ table and accidentally tripped on his pixie-like gal’s chair. I watched the scene unfold before my very eyes, slouched down in my chair, my chest puffed out filled with brotherly pride because it seemed like the attraction was mutual and his pixie girl (whose name we later found out was Chloe Sullivan and she works for the Daily Planet as a reporter no less) was eyeing him like precious jewel. There was a brunette at the table with them too at the time. The other blonde (the one who caught my fancy) and the brunette eyed Chloe teasingly shortly after my brother walked away.

“Smooth move, little brother,” I teased Sam after he sat down across from me again. He placed another cup of the strong coffee stuff with a frothy topping in front of me.

“Shut up,” Sam grumbled, but the stolen glance he took at the table where the three girls were seated didn’t go amiss as far as I was concerned.

Suffice to say, Sam and I stayed in Metropolis far longer than expected. We were still after tracking some paranormal stuff and locating our next stopover. The Talon became our favourite hang out (and also because Chloe often hung out there and Sam wanted to feast on his eye-candy even though he was too damn chicken to approach her again after their initial accidental meeting).

We were on Day 5 of our Talon Stakeout when Chloe and company finally approached our table. The brunette wasn’t with them, but I was alright with that; the brunette didn’t really catch my fancy as much as the blond Chloe was with.

“Hey…Sam, right?” Chloe stopped by our table dressed in a sharp suit best befitting a soon to be ace reporter.

I had to give Sam a slight kick on the shin under the table to get him to look up at the girl he was crushing on. He glared at me because I kicked him harder than I intended to, but I had no choice. The girl finally approached him and he was acting like a shrinking violet.

“Y-yeah,” He gave an awkward nod and it was all I could do to stop myself from rolling my eyes at how pathetic my brother just looked.

“Hi,” Chloe sounded relieved, and a quick look at her pretty face told me she was relieved Sam paid attention to her. “I’m Chloe. We kinda met a few days ago when you tripped on my chair.” She didn’t really need to refresh Sam’s memory, but it was cute the way she did it so I gave her props for it. “And this is my cousin Lois,” she gestured to the blond standing beside her.

“Hello,” Now Sam was acting more manly and acknowledged Lois’ presence. I waited for him to reciprocate by introducing me, but Chloe was giving him her kilowatt smile and it made him forget he wasn’t alone.

“I’m Dean, by the way,” I did the honours of introducing myself to the two ladies. “I’m his brother,” I added after I got the two women’s attention. “Sometimes my brother suffers from memory loss when a pretty gal like yourself’s around,” I nodded to Chloe making sure she knows Sam fancies her.

It was Sam’s turn to kick me on the shin under the table. I covered my grunt of pain with a cough and a deadly glare sent sideways to my brother. Brotherly love, what can I say?

Chloe and Lois joined us at the table that day. I had a gut-feeling there was a reason why they all of a sudden approached us, but Chloe was busy chattering with Sam about anything and everything, which left Lois and I feeling out of place.

After an hour of being ignored by our companions, Lois let out a frustrated sigh and sat back in her seat beside me. She crossed her arms over her chest and hung her head to my side.

“When do you think either one of them will get the courage to ask the other out?” She asked right out of the blue.

I was surprised by her frankness. I didn’t take her for someone to mince her words.

“I...I don’t know. Do you want to help them out and ask Sam on behalf of your cousin or would you like me to do the honours?” What the heck would a guy answer when asked a straightforward question like what she did? I got to say, I have a smart mouth, but around Lois my mind tends to turn to mush.

Lois looked up at me then and for the first time since we were introduced I got the chance to look at her eyes. Those big, emerald orbs that spoke of her every emotion stared right back at me and I literally felt my breath got caught in my throat. I was suffocating and all she was doing was looking at me!

And then she smiled. She didn’t bear her teeth. It was a simple smile that made her eyes twinkle. It was the most amazing thing that has happened to me in a while.

“Let’s give them another fifteen minutes then we’ll both ask on their behalf, hm?”

I felt the side of my mouth cracking to a sly grin. “Deal,” I offered my hand so we could shake on it. Without hesitation she clasped her hand with mine and we shook on our deal.

Forty-five minutes later Sam and Chloe were setup to go on a date Saturday night, which left me with nothing to do while my brother painted the town red – figuratively speaking.

“It’s only one date, Sam. And what’s so wrong about long distance relationships anyway?” I was on my bed inside the cheap motel we found ourselves crashing in to. I was flipping the channels to find something to watch other than the news while Sam got dressed.

“Long distance relationships rarely last, Dean,” Sam pointed out to me. “Besides, even if I commit myself to that kind of relationship, who’s to say we’ll be back in Kansas so I can see her again?”

“If you love her, you’ll find a way to get back to her,” was all I said to him before settling on a local talk show.

Sam didn’t answer me back. He finished getting dressed and left the room. He told me not to wait up or go out myself. He mentioned Lois has no plans for that night and I should give her a ring and we could catch a movie or something. But I didn’t take heed to his advice and locked myself in our room.

I can’t remember what happened next. I must’ve dozed off after I settled on watching the news. I was roused by non-stop pounding on the door accompanied by a frantic, “Dean, open the door!”

It was Lois’ voice.

I reached for the lamp switched on the night stand and turned it on. I hopped off the bed and practically flew to the door and yanked it open.

“Lois? What’s wrong?” She looked harried and frantic. I didn’t need a genius to know something happened.

“It’s Chloe and Sam. There was an accident and Chloe’s car was involved. We got to hurry! They’re at the hospital right now,” She didn’t bother waiting for me to put in a word and just grabbed my hand, dragging me out the door.

I made sure to grab the door handle and shut the door before letting the frantic Lois take me to wherever this hospital was, but in her current state putting her behind the wheel of a moving vehicle spelt trouble with a capital T.

“I’ll drive,” I offered and wrapped my hand around her wrist, stopping her short from getting to her car and dragged her to where I parked my vehicle. “You can give me directions. I don’t think you’re fit to drive right now.”

Lois didn’t argue with me. She followed me to my car and slid inside the passenger seat. I didn’t need to remind her to buckle her seatbelt. She gave me curt instructions to the hospital. I noticed her knuckles turning white as she clutched the belt.

I reached beside me and untangled her death grip on the seatbelt. I laced my fingers with hers without her complaining about it and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. She never told me how bad the accident was or what caused it, but I had a gut feeling it would be something big. I doubt anything could faze Lois Lane this much if it were just some minor accident involving her cousin and my brother.

We arrived at the Metropolis General Hospital in less than twenty minutes. I quickly found a parking spot and pulled in to it. Lois was out the door as soon as I stopped the car and I wasn’t far behind.

“Lois!” We were greeted by a tall, dark haired man with a chiseled square face. He looked to be about Chloe’s age.

“Clark!” Lois flew right into his arms, wrapping her arms around the tall, broad shouldered man’s waist as his arms enclosed around hers.

I couldn’t understand why I had the sudden possessive urge to pry the guy named Clark’s arms from around Lois, but I controlled myself. Obviously she and this Clark fella knew each other.

“How are they?” I asked when I reached the couple.

Lois disentangled herself from Clark’s embrace and the other man straightened up, giving me a calculated, if not weary, look before turning to Lois and conveyed his question about my identity no doubt without opening his mouth. Lois understood and she did the honours of introducing me to her friend.

“He is Sam’s brother,” she finished.

“Sam? Brother?” Clark echoed.

“Oh, right. Chloe’s out on a date with Dean’s brother tonight when that…that… oh God, Clark, what was it that plowed right into them?” Lois started to break down once again. I stepped up to her, but it was Clark’s side she sagged against. Clark wrapped yet another possessively reassuring arm around her, his hand running up and down the side of her arm to sooth her.

“Wait, wait. You said plowed?” I turned from Lois to Clark then back to Lois. “You’re saying Chloe’s car was the main vehicle involved in this accident and not just a casualty victim?”

“Yeah. They were crossing an intersection when this thing plowed right into them from the side. Whatever it was that did it run a red light,” it was Clark who explained it.

“Why are you referring to what caused the accident as an ‘it’?” I know I deal with the supernatural stuff, and although majority of the people would refer to what Sam and I encounter as an entity, sometimes these so-called ‘its’ had genders at one point or other.

“It wasn’t another vehicle that ran the red light, Dean,” it was Lois who spoke. “It crushed Chloe’s car as it ran them over, but according to the forensics people on the scene, it wasn’t made by any other type of vehicle – commercial or military tanks.”

That sure was a puzzler. My mind suddenly went to work overtime. If it wasn’t made by anything created by humans, then it could only mean it was supernatural.

“Do they have an idea what caused it?” I looked at either one of them, hoping they’d give me something to go with for my research. I knew I’d have to do it alone since Sam was lying on a hospital bed fighting for his life.

Clark updated Lois and I on the status of Chloe and Sam. They were rushed to the ICU to be thoroughly checked up. They had to be cut out of Chloe’s vehicle; it was a wonder or sheer luck that they survived being crushed to death although they were close to it by the time they were pried out of the crunched metal that was once Chloe’s car.

“The authorities aren’t releasing anything right now. It’s under investigation as we speak,” answered Clark.

Lois and I stuck around the hospital waiting room, with Clark and his mother, Senator Martha Kent, coming in to check up on us. Martha Kent was a nice woman; very warm and comely; kinda hard picturing her as a senator with her motherly vibe radiating off her.

“You two could do with some sleep,” she said to Lois and I. “You two go on home and Clark and I will stay here and wait for any word on Chloe and Sam.”

Fatigue has taken over my whole body, but I still had a few adrenalines pumping in my system to keep me going. Lois, on the other hand, looked like she was going to collapse anytime. I knew she’d object, but I made her decision for her.

“Thanks, Senator. I’ll drop Lois off,” I offered and stood up, cajoling Lois to do the same too.

“I’ll give you a call when we hear anything,” Mrs. Kent promised.

“Thank you,” I gave her a polite smile and with a tired Lois leaning against me, I made our excuses.

Lois complied with me and got into the passenger seat without arguing.

“I don’t want to go home,” she told me after I slipped in behind the wheel. “I share the apartment with Chloe and…I want to be nearby when Mrs. Kent calls.”

I wasn’t expecting her to say that. I was ready to make the trip back to the Talon and drop her off there, but she turned to me with those determined green eyes and I knew I wouldn’t win an argument with her.

“I guess you can crash in at the motel with me,” I offered.

“Thanks Dean,” she smiled, a genuine, eyes-sparkling smile that has been amiss since I opened my motel room’s door and found her standing on the other side.

“You’re welcome,” I returned her smile and started the car.

The ride back to the motel was a quiet one. I actually followed the speed limit and pulled in to my assigned parking spot. Lois and I climbed out of the car quietly and were practically dragging our feet into the room.

I left the light on earlier when Lois came to take me to the hospital. She went in first and I followed, closing the door gently behind me. Sam’s bed was the one closest to the door and I offered it to her.

She took a few steps towards the bed then stopped, pivoted and faced me. I thought she was going to say something, but one look into those emerald orbs and I saw unshed tears pooling at the base of her eyes. In two long strides I was standing before her, my arms wrapped protectively around her while Lois cried out, her tears drenching the front of my shirt but I didn’t care. She was still shell shocked from what happened, and after what we heard while we were at the hospital, the two of us were looking at having a brother and cousin in a permanent vegetative state if neither one of them pulls through the trauma their bodies went through.

I whispered soothing words to her as she cried and cried. Her arms alternately squeezed and loosened its grip around my waist. We stood like that for what seemed like an eternity, but it had only been a few minutes, before Lois’s tears ebbed to nothing but small hiccups.

I pulled her away from me and tried to catch her eyes. When she finally looked at me I gave her a slight smile.

“You okay now?”

“Yeah,” she sniffled then her eyes dropped on my soaked shirt. “Sorry about this,” her touch was so gentle, but I could feel it seep through the fabric of my shirt.

I looked down at what she was pointing at and gave a nonchalant shrug. “Hey, you needed a good cry. I’m glad my shirt was able to be of some service,” I joked. It was a lame one, but at least it made her chuckle.

Her eyes slowly traveled upward yet again, her lashes fluttering before her gaze locked with mine.

“I thought I lost her once already, you know? That’s why I came to Smallville,” she opened up. “There was an explosion at this safe house where she was taken and a funeral was held for her. But then Clark doesn’t want to believe that Chloe’s gone. I ended up digging her grave and found the coffin empty, just as what Clark said. We went into great lengths trying to locate her. Thank God we found her just in the nick of time. But this…this…” her voice cracked as a sign of another onslaught of emotion assuaged her.

I didn’t need to hear more. I pulled her back in my arms and held her there. I hoped to God I could protect her from the pain of losing a loved one. I just went through the turmoil of losing both parents – both during different stages of my life – and watching it happen to another person, especially someone whom I think fondly of, was just too heart wrenching.

“Shh…” I whispered over her head, my hand running up and down her back soothingly. “Everything’s going to be alright. Sam and Chloe are both strong people. They’ll pull through this.” I don’t know who I was trying to convince, myself or Lois, but it seemed to work on Lois.

She stopped crying and pulled away from me. When her eyes sought mine once again I thought she was going to say more, but I was surprised when she clasped my face between her palms and pulled it down towards her. Her head was slanted one way and mine was slanted the other way before our lips touched and tasted.

I tried resisting her advances at first. At the back of my head I knew she wasn’t thinking coherently and if I let things get out of hand we’d both regret it in the morning. I planted my hands firmly on her hips clearly intending to push her away, but my body doesn’t want to follow what my brain was telling it to do.

Lois pried her lips from mine, but she didn’t pull away nor did she stop kissing me. She trailed kisses to the side of my mouth and up my cheek. “Hold me tonight, Dean, please?” She whispered almost pleadingly before those sweet as sin lips of hers found mine once again and was devoured…

Lois and I used only one bed that night. And no, nothing happened except for a few more heated kissing sessions before we lay spoon-style on my bed. It was sheer ecstasy to feel her fit quit snugly against my body, my arm around her waist holding her close and her arm resting atop mine. The scent of her hair tickled my nostril, bringing a smile to my face. We fell asleep until mid-morning when her cell phone rang, waking us up.

I thought Lois would throw a hissy fit once she realized she fell asleep in my arms the night before, but she didn’t. She grabbed for her cell phone which was in her bag that was left on the floor at the foot of Sam’s bed where she dropped it and spoke to whomever was calling her. She wrapped up her conversation and turned to face me, her face suddenly awash with relief.

“That was Mrs. Kent,” she told me. “Chloe and Sam are okay and regained consciousness a little over an hour ago.”

“That’s good news,” I smiled back at her.

“Yeah,” she nodded, her smile finally reaching her eyes. “Oh Dean,” I was surprised when she sprinted from where she stood at the foot of Sam’s bed and jumped into my bed, her wrapping her arms around me and sending us both falling back down on the bed. “Thank you,” she looked up and planted a quick peck on my lips.

I looked up at the angelic face of Lois Lane that morning, her hair framing her face and the light coming in from the window sending an almost ethereal glow on her. I reached up and rubbed the back of my middle and forefinger against her cheek. I felt a lump form in my throat and made my eyes watery. I took a quick intake of breath and cupped her cheek in the palm of my hand.

“Anytime, Lois,” I managed to choke out without crying.

Somehow I think she sensed what I felt at that very moment and her eyes suddenly mirrored mine. She leaned her face into the palm of my hand, turning her face towards it and kissed it.

We knew then, without saying anything, that the night before we shared something special. We didn’t end up sleeping together in the matrimonial sense of the word, but there was a connection there between us. It was also understood that once Chloe and Sam were released from the hospital I’d be back on the road with my brother and God knows when I’d find my way back to Smallville, Kansas.

Lois and I remained in touch over the years. She went on to become an ace reporter like her cousin and found love with Clark Kent, but in each of our correspondence she was always reminiscent of the ‘what if’ and ‘could have been’ if we did end up sleeping together that night. She never knew what Sam and I did for a living; all she knows was that we were vagabond brothers enjoying a wild ride cross country in search of some sort of thrill.

Sam and Chloe did end up having a long distance relationship. It was rocky for them at the beginning, but it was true love for them both and they always came out the winner in each of the tests given to them. The cause of their near-fatal accident was unsolved; nobody knew what that thing was that barreled down the intersection and nearly squashing the life out of them, but that incident only made the bond between them stronger. Now they are engaged and will be married in the fall.

Lois would be there along with her Clark. As for me…I’ll be there too with whoever was my fling at the time. Hopefully whoever I end up going to Sam and Chloe’s wedding to in Kansas would be that one person for me, just as Clark Kent became Lois’s one true love.

Of course I’ll always know who my one true love is…unfortunately she’s already with another man…

The End

You have reached the end of "Lips of An Angel". This story is complete.

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