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Houses Drabble Collection

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Summary: A collection of various drabbles in various universes. Added: Four Corners, a set of drabbles in the Encore Une Fois universe.

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Title: Gingerbread
Author: Houses
Xover: AtS/Highlander
Pairing: Illyria/Wesley
Category: TtH Drabbles, Family Gatherings
Scenario: A loose continuation of Encore Une Fois, spoilers for that story.

Occasionally, when Illyria wasn’t careful, thoughts and memories from the shell came streaking back and thundered through blue-flashed synapses. They occurred at inopportune times, such as ripping skulls from filth that got in her way, or lying in bed at night, limbs arranged carefully around Wesley’s body.

One such time, watching Wesley vanquish another challenger with a swift slice of his sword blade, she remembered a warm Christmas, transplanted mesquite decorated with red ribbons and silver stars. There were lights on the bare branches and a smell in the air she couldn’t name, but felt like spice on her tongue.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking